Solarize Durham

If you live in Durham and want to go solar, sign up for Solarize the Triangle between now and April 30, 2016.

NC WARN also offered Solarize programs in Durham in both 2014 and 2015. Read more below.

Solar installation in progress.Sharing Solar

A small percentage of each Solarize contract goes into our Sharing Solar fund that is used to help low-income people benefit from solar. In the fall of 2015, we installed solar on a quadruplex of low-income rental units owned by the nonprofit Durham Community Land Trustees. We contributed $20,000 from the Sharing Solar Fund and raised the remaining $23,000 from generous individuals and businesses. Learn more here.

2015 Program

A total of 215 Durham residents signed up to get a free assessment during Solarize Durham in 2015. Twenty-three of those households signed installation contracts totaling 115.7 kilowatts, which means we reached pricing Tier 2!

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2014 Program

Durham was NC WARN’s first Solarize program in 2014. The program ran from January 15 to April 15, 2014 and the installer was Yes! Solar Solutions of Cary. Over 380 homeowners signed up for a free solar assessment and 33 families signed contracts totaling 160.9 kW, which means that all participants qualified for Tier 3 pricing.

The first Solarize Durham system was installed in March: 3 kilowatts at George and Linda Thompson's house.

Satisfied Solarize customers
George and Linda Thompson

The first Solarize Durham system was installed in March 2014: 3 kilowatts at George and Linda Thompson’s house. George wrote to tell us how happy he and Linda are with the program:

Our first full month having the solar panels went very well. From May 1-31, we generated 357.4 kilowatt-hours. We bought 244 kWh from Duke Energy and were credited with putting 225 kWh on the grid. So we only paid for 19 kWh and our bill was around $14. At our annual neighborhood watch picnic, many people wanted to tour our system. We told them how pleased we are with NC WARN and Yes! Solar Solutions.

The first presentation from the Solarize people helped us realize that we could possibly afford to do solar. After our initial site assessment from Yes! Solar Solutions, we knew we could do an installation and that it would be beneficial. The more we learned about NC WARN and Duke Energy, the more we wanted to be a part of the effort to promote solar energy for homeowners. We are committed to promoting and supporting solar installations and have become members of NC WARN as a result of this. NC WARN does a wonderful job of representing our interests and keeping the pressure on Duke Energy to open up to alternative energy.