Solarize: A Grassroots Solar Revolution!

SolarizeTheTriangle-GradientMaking Rooftop Solar Power Easy and Affordable

Between now and April 30, 2016, you can sign up here to participate in Solarize the Triangle, a grassroots program to help you go solar more easily. This program is sponsored by two local nonprofits. You will receive a free solar assessment and there is no obligation or pressure to buy. Solarize the Triangle is open to any homeowner or business owner in the Triangle.

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Call or email us with questions:, 919-416-5077.

Calling All Faith Communities

We are working with faith communities and other groups around the Triangle to make sure their members know about Solarize. Read more here and if your faith group or other organization would like to become a Solarize Partner, let us know as soon as possible.

Sharing Solar

We are dedicated to extending the benefits of solar energy to those in the community who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Your participation in Solarize helps share solar savings with others!

If 30 or more people sign contracts to install solar during Solarize the Triangle, we will donate a small solar system to a low-income household or a nonprofit that serves low-income people. The Solarize partner team with the most contracts signed will help choose the recipient. If 60 contracts are signed, we’ll donate 2 systems and the second place team will help choose, and so on.

Read about past donations on NC WARN’s Sharing Solar page and on the NextClimate website.

What is Solarize and how does it work?

Solarize is a highly successful model for expanding solar power on homes and businesses. It was pioneered in Portland, Oregon in 2009 and has been spreading across North Carolina since 2013. The Solarize model is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy, which has published A Solarize Guidebook to help communities start Solarize programs.

Solarize programs are usually sponsored by nonprofit organizations. Two of North Carolina’s most successful Solarize sponsors — NC WARN and NextClimate — are teaming up to offer Solarize the Triangle in 2016.

Through bulk purchasing and neighbor-to-neighbor outreach, Solarize cuts pricing even below retail solar prices that have  fallen 80% in the last five years. The more customers participate, the lower the price. Solarize uses high-quality equipment installed by two of North Carolina’s leading solar companies: Yes Solar Solutions of Cary and Southern Energy Management of Morrisville.

Any homeowner or business in the Triangle can sign up for a free solar assessment. If your building is suitable for solar, an installer will give you a proposal for a solar system suitable for your needs. If you choose to sign an installation contract, your price will drop as more Solarize participants decide to install solar. Your installer will handle all permits and inspections. Once your system is operating, you will be generating most of your own electricity and getting credit for excess power that you send back to the grid. Power bill savings start the day the system is installed, locking in low-cost clean energy for 25 years or more.

If you sign up for Solarize but your house has too much shade or you are unable to go solar for some other reason, we will give you suggestions for other ways you can join in the clean energy revolution.